Why You Should Never Use Box Hair Dye

New year, new hair? 

After a stressful couple of months (more like the entirety of 2020 and 2021), it's totally understandable why you'd want a fresh start. A different, vibrant hair color is the perfect thing to take you into 2022 as your best and brightest self.

After all, 52% of women feel they've gone grayer faster during quarantine.

So imagine your surprise when you put down the box hair dye, look in the mirror, and find that instead of the beautiful 'do you imagined, you're now rocking tiger stripes and have splotches of hair in the back that went untouched.

Your whole intention was to skip the hair salon, but now you've got no choice but to get it corrected. Here's why (besides the leopard spots) professional hair coloring is always the answer.

Box Hair Dye Isn't One-Color-Fits-All

Of course, the woman on the cover of the dye box is going to look gorgeous and happy, with luscious, silky hair. That's called good advertising!

But just because the color looks great on her doesn't mean it'll translate to your skin tone or hair type.

When you do your hair at home (especially if you're not a hair professional), you're missing this vital consultation. A professional stylist can assess your current hair color and the color you want and find a balance.

They're able to blend colors to create something unique—and fitting—to you.

You're Missing Out on Salon-Specific Products

Another thing you won't get at home is access to products that salons have.

Typically, a stylist uses a wide range of products to ensure the color bonds and the hair stays conditioned. 

At home, you might accidentally over-process your hair—and you won't have the necessary products to correct that. Say hello to frizzy hair that feels like hay!

Hair is extremely sensitive; even the strongest hair needs to be protected from damage. If you truly want to achieve the look on your dye box, you'll need more than the coloring agent that's inside. You'll need a whole host of products that most individuals can't get without a license. 

Additionally, when you finally make your way into the salon for a correction, you'll find that professional color and box color simply don't mix.

Certain Hair Dye Ingredients Should Be Avoided

Do you know what ingredients to look for in your hair dye?

Which ones, like ammonia, you should avoid, according to the professionals?

It's not only the ingredients you can't pronounce that could be dangerous. In the case of ammonia, for example, one professional would stay away from any box dyes that have ammonia in the developer as it could be extremely damaging to your hair. The problem is that it's an incredibly common ingredient in the box-dye industry.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

In serious cases, your at-home hair appointment could result in you needing a whole makeover—costing you not only money and time but the look you've imagined for yourself.

Consider this your warning from the professionals: Step away from the box hair dye. It's simply not worth the risk.

Instead, give the best salon in your area a call and skip the hassle. If you're in the Northern California area, that's Crush Salon.

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